What’s this blog about

We’re the team of experienced system administrators/DevOps engineers. We were worked or currently work on different projects. Also, we have many experiences which We want to share with You. Most of our experience in the Magento administration, but We also have experience with other products.

This blog will describe tips and tricks from basic to advanced on Linux administration.

We will describe many Magento 1/2 performances and administration features. We hope that all information provided here will be helpful for system administrators, DevOps engineers, and developers with any level of knowledge. Also, our team will provide the latest vulnerabilities and fixes for that which you can find in a specific category.

We will try to describe as much as We can information about CI/CD, Orchestration tools like salt/ansible/chef/puppet and our experience in setup/tuning/fixes of software/CMS/system on the following Operation Systems – FreeBSD, Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, and Gentoo.

Thanks for reading and Viva La Linux!