NGINX QUIC+HTTP/3 preview release


10 June of 2020 NGINX announced the release of the preview version of the HTTP server and NGINX proxy server with QUIC and HTTP/3 support. The code preview version of the NGINX QUIC + HTTP/3 project is already available and distributed under the BSD license, as well as NGINX

Also, NGINX started a special portal with the name nginx-quic, which also demo-site and platform for test clients with the support of QUIC+HTTP/3. There is an instruction on how to start and configure NGINX QUIC+HTTP/3.

The developers explained that support for QUIC + HTTP/3 in NGINX is implemented on drafts specification IETF-QUIC. Для это проекта создан отдельный репозиторий. Also, NGINX QUIC+HTTP/3 is a fork of released recently nginx-1.19.0. The goal of this project is to improve HTTP/3 support and integrate it into the NGINX core codebase.

NGINX QUIC+HTTP/3 project not connected with the previous release of Cloudflare’s company module with HTTP/3 support in NGINX, which implemented as an addon on developed on Cloudflare quiche library with transport protocol QUIC and HTTP/3.

In addition, company experts explained that now HTTP/3 support in NGINX is marked as experimental, and code is still at an early stage of development. Therefore, it is not recommended to be fully used in production systems due to a large number of restrictions and possible errors. Also, the developers wrote that they do not bear any responsibility for any problems for users with this code.

What is QUIC?

QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) is a protocol over UDP that supports all the features of TCP, TLS, and HTTP/2 and solves most of their problems. Although network experts still call it the new or “experimental” protocol, it has long survived the experiment stage, since QUIC has been under development for more than 7 years. During this time, the protocol did not manage to become a standard, but it was still widely used. For example, such giants as Google and Facebook use QUIC to speed up traffic and reduce latency in mobile networks, while the IETF announced its fork of the protocol as the basis for the HTTP/3 standard.

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