Ngrok how to share localhost to world

Often there is a need to open your computer for access via the Internet, for all comers or with a password. For example, if you want to demonstrate a new code, publish files, or simply record all network traffic for research purposes.

To do this, you need to install a web server and direct traffic to it through a third-party server via the reverse SSH tunnel using a program like LocalTunnel or ProxyLocal.

$ gem install localtunnel
$ localtunnel -k ~/.ssh/ 8080

After that, your computer will be accessible from an address like We launch the program – and localhost online.

$ localtunnel 8080

Recently, a new free service has appeared that does the same thing, but works more stable and has more functionality. Therefore, it is probably worthy of mention:

The program is distributed in binaries for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows and works immediately “out of the box” even without registration.

But if you register, then there are a couple of additional features.

Using SSL


Password protection

ngrok -httpauth "user:password" 8080

Поддомены на выбор, с резервированием на будущее

ngrok -subdomain myapp 8080

Tunnel TCP and UDP

ngrok -proto tcp 8080

You can read more Linux guides by link.

Viva La Linux!

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