Tux history. Linux talisman Tux

The Tux character was developed in 1996 by Larry Yuweng. The very idea of ​​a talisman belongs to the creator of the operating system, Linus Torvalds.

Tux was created by Yuweng for the Linux logo contest through the open-source graphical editor GIMP. The name Tux penguin came up with James Hughes, thus encrypting the phrase “Torvalds UniX”.

TuxTux is a recognized symbol of the Linux operating system. However, its images may vary depending on the version, assembly, etc. For example, in the build version to increase PaX security, this penguin has a shield, a helmet, and also holds a labrys (ceremonial or battle-ax):

Talk about the logo of the OS that began in 1996. Among the many proposals, the most popular were parodies of the logos of other companies or some animals: sharks, eagles, etc. Then Torvalds accidentally mentioned that he was impressed by penguins. After that, the penguin holding the Earth was chosen as the final version.

But it was not Tux that was chosen as the logo. It was a more neutral image of Matt Erickson, on which Linux2.0 was written. Democracy in this case did not play a role, and Linus insisted that his brainchild was chosen as the logo. To be fair, it is right to consider Erickson’s development as a logo, and a famous penguin as a symbol of the Linux operating system.

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Viva La Linux!

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